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AnimeHot kitty cat hats
Last updated 9/8/2013
Upcoming Conventions!

AnimeVegas  Nov 1st-3rd
@ Residence Inn

Comikaze Expo Nov 1st-3rd
@ Los Angeles Convention center

Welcome to! We specialize in custom cosplay and
anime hats and headbands. We have kitty cat, bunny rabbit, panda
bear, fox and wolf hats available in aviator and beanie styles. We
also have cat, wolf and fox headband ears and matching tails. All
hats can be customized in the custom hat section.

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facebook or follow us on twitter to get the latest

New AnimeHot Necomimi ear covers! Click on the image and
customize your ears.
Classic cover
*choose a color*
Fox cover
*choose a color*
Unicorn cover
*choose a color*
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